New Delhi (India), February 28: In the ever-evolving landscape of innovation and expertise, Iconic Records has once again spotlighted the trailblazers of our time with its 2023-24 awards. This year’s accolades bring to light individuals and entities that have not only excelled in their respective domains but have also pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, setting new benchmarks for excellence. From digital marketing savants and language education pioneers to visionary web entrepreneurs, ed-tech innovators, and holistic healthcare trailblazers, these winners have made indelible marks on their industries. Each story is a unique testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Join us as we celebrate the achievements of these visionaries, whose contributions are shaping the future and inspiring a new generation of leaders and change-makers.

  1. “Disha Rathi Crowned ‘Best Digital Marketing Expert 2023-24’ by Iconic Records”

In the digital era where competition thrives, Disha Rathi stands out, awarded as the ‘Best Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation Expert of the Year 2023-24’ by the Iconic book of records. As the founder of Digitalzaa. Disha excels in helping individuals and companies flourish their sales and marketing skills through professional training.From enhancing social media strategies to empowering business owners with her comprehensive Business Kits, Training Programs, and Automation Tools, Disha’s journey is a testament to excellence. 

  1. “Bubbles Thadani Wins ‘Best English Trainer 2023-24’ with Spokenly”

In a world where effective communication opens doors, Bubbles Thadani shines as the ‘Best Spoken English Trainer of the Year 2023-24’, a title given by the iconic book of records. As the founder of Spokenly and a Cambridge certified educator, Bubbles is revolutionizing the way we learn English. Through Spokenly, she offers transformative spoken English and personality development classes for both kids and adults. Her unique approach, combining public speaking and creative writing training, empowers her students to not only master the language but also to enhance their overall personality, making her a true pioneer in language education.

  1. “Akshat Joshi Named Web Entrepreneur Of The Year by Iconic Records”

Akshat Joshi, the driving force behind WP KIT, has been recognized as the Web Entrepreneur Of The Year by the Iconic Book of Records. Since launching WP KIT in May 2020, Akshat has been on a mission to elevate businesses and entrepreneurs by enhancing their online presence. With a keen expertise in web development, WordPress, digital marketing, and cutting-edge web 3.0 technologies, he’s reshaping the way we think about web services. His passion doesn’t stop at creating; it’s about constantly learning and adapting to the latest trends to offer nothing but the best. Whether it’s through top-notch web development or strategic digital marketing, Akshat’s WP KIT is the go-to for those aiming high. Join him on this journey to success and see where technology can take you. Let’s innovate, grow, and succeed together with WP KIT!

  1. “Urvashi Ranjan’s VR Ed-Tech Revolutionizes Learning in India”

Counseling Shortcuts, under the visionary leadership of Urvashi Ranjan, is pioneering a revolutionary approach by integrating Virtual Reality (VR) into learning. This ed-tech platform, for the first time in India, harnesses VR technology to transform traditional education methods, catering to a wide audience from students to working professionals.

Counseling Shortcuts distinguishes itself with its unique offerings, such as AI-based 360-degree persona development, elite mentoring & tutoring, E-GURUKUL, and the innovative Reboot Your Success program. These services are designed to provide an immersive learning experience, making education both engaging and effective. The platform offers a plethora of courses across various subjects, tailored to match different skill levels and learning styles, facilitated in a virtual classroom environment that allows for controlled, distraction-free learning and interaction.

Urvashi Ranjan’s journey is a testament to perseverance and innovation. Her commitment to excellence in education has led to Counseling Shortcuts being recognized as a beacon of innovative learning solutions. To explore the future of education and learn more about Urvashi’s work, visit Counseling Shortcuts.

  1. Pranav Sharma’s VR Ed-Tech, Counseling Shortcuts, Revolutionizes Learning

Pranav Sharma, the visionary founder of Counseling Shortcuts, is redefining the educational landscape through the innovative use of Virtual Reality (VR). This platform stands out by offering a unique VR-based learning experience, an expansive range of courses for diverse skill levels and learning styles, and a controlled virtual classroom environment. Pranav’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a celebrated author and educator highlights his commitment to empowering students through technology. With awards for his literary work and a passion for continuous learning, Pranav’s Counseling Shortcuts is at the forefront of educational innovation, making quality education accessible and engaging for all.

  1. DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY- Unveil Revolutionary Age Reversal & Holistic Therapy.

Dr. Shrikant and Dr. Sushma Joshi are pioneering a new frontier in healthcare with their Divine Power Holistic Therapy (DPHT). This groundbreaking approach offers a unique blend of age reversal techniques. Their services include Resolving Family and Relationship Issues, Empowering Women’s Pregnancy & Health Issues, Healthcare & Wellness and solutions for a wide range of health issues without the use of conventional medicine. Their methods are rooted in scientific principles, and have proven effective for issues related to  women’s health issues and overall wellness, garnering a global client base. Recognized with prestigious awards like the Prime Time Media Research and Iconic Book of Records.

 Online for a Global Impact:

In an increasingly connected world, DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY reaches individuals around the globe through online.This modern approach allows people from diverse cultural backgrounds to access the benefits of holistic therapy without geographical constraints. Its result-oriented therapy is setting new standards in Healthcare Without Medicine solutions.

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