Healthcare and Wellness

Modern medicine emphasizes the immediate relief of symptoms. This is certainly life saving in emergencies, but more ordinary diseases may benefit more from another approach. The body and the mind act in unison. Physical symptoms may indicate the state of mind or vice versa. Medical intervention should take into consideration the whole rather than isolated parts. This would be a holistic approach to maintaining good health. By reconditioning ourselves to connect to our Mind, Body  and Spirit we can prevent disease and cure ourselves of any ailments we may have.

“Our body is always acting in self-preservation, and speaks to us through symptoms. Symptoms indicate that there is a problem and that we should take action to remove the cause. For example, a back pain that limits a movement may be the body’s way of saying that that particular movement is harmful. Taking painkillers rather than avoiding the movement may cause the condition to become chronic. Similar logic applies to almost all diseases. Getting rid of a symptom temporarily, without getting to the root of problem will cause future complications.  The healing power is inherent in the body. When disease occurs, the body makes every effort to regain ease, that is health. ”