In the intricate tapestry of human relationships, marriage stands out as a significant milestone, a union that embodies love, commitment, and the promise of a shared future. It’s a journey that, while beautiful, comes with its set of challenges and complexities. Recognizing the depth of this transition, Dr. Sushma Joshi and Dr. Shrikant Joshi have pioneered a transformative approach to preparing couples for this journey through Divine Power: The Life Coach, focusing on pre-marriage counseling. Their work has not only saved numerous engagements from breaking up but has also nurtured relationships to thrive in harmony post-marriage.

Deciding to get married is exciting, but marriage also brings challenges, such as learning to manage finances, sharing a household, and making major decisions together.

Even if your life partner has most things in common with you, you may find that there are differences between you two that need to be discussed. Pre-marriage counseling can help you to work out these differences and develop the tools for a stronger marriage.


Marriage is not just a legal union but a partnership that requires understanding, respect, and continuous growth from both individuals. The essence of pre-marriage counseling lies in its ability to foster this foundation, ensuring that couples are not just in love but also prepared for the realities of life together.

What is Pre-Marriage Counseling?

Pre-marriage counseling is a therapeutic approach designed to help couples understand each other better, develop effective conflict-resolution skills, and manage their time to strengthen their bond forever. It is a proactive measure to address and mitigate potential issues before they become entrenched problems in the marriage.

When it comes to understanding what pre-marriage counseling is, one must know that it is a form of therapy that couples complete before getting married to set themselves up for a more successful marriage.

In pre-marital counseling, couples identify issues that might create problems in their marriage down the road and then learn the skills to deal with these issues.

The idea behind pre-marriage counseling is that if couples are able to foresee potential problems that may come up down the road, they can plan ahead and be prepared to address such problems before they begin to negatively impact the marriage.

The reality is that each of us comes into a marriage with our own ideas about family, relationships, and communication. Even couples who are compatible with each other may have differences in their ideas about marriage and family, and if not discussed, these differences can drive a wedge between two people.

Reasons for Pre-Marriage Counseling

The need for pre-marriage counseling stems from the recognition that, despite love being the foundation of marriage, it requires more to sustain a lifelong commitment. Differences in upbringing, values, expectations, and communication styles can become sources of conflict. Counseling aims to bring these differences to the forefront, allowing couples to navigate them constructively.

Benefits of Pre-Marriage Counseling

The benefits of pre-marriage counseling are manifold. It empowers couples to:

#Develop deeper understanding and empathy towards each other.

#Learn effective communication and conflict resolution strategies.

#Align on key aspects of their future, including finances, career aspirations, family planning, and lifestyle choices.

#Strengthen emotional intimacy and mutual respect.

The effectiveness of pre-marriage counseling in enhancing marital satisfaction and reducing divorce rates. Programs like Divine Power Counseling are lauded for their comprehensive approach, integrating emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions, ensuring a well-rounded preparation for marriage.

Once people understand what pre-marriage counseling is, they like to reap its benefits that can help them in the long term in their relationship. So, people engage in counseling before marriage because of the benefits of premarital counseling.

Counseling can solidify a relationship before marriage so that two people have the skills to stay together through the ups and downs of life and cope with any issues that they encounter through the course of their marriage.

Premarital counseling may be challenging, but it certainly has its benefits. As mentioned, it improves marriage satisfaction. Consider the other benefits of pre-marriage counseling below:

#Improved communication between spouses

#Healthier, stronger marriages

#Reducing unrealistic expectations within the marriage

#Better relationships with extended family members

#Spouses becoming more familiar with each other’s needs, preferences, and desires within the marriage

#Reduced likelihood of surprises or unexpected conflict within the marriage

#Spouses growing closer to each other.


Research has supported the benefits of premarital counseling. Study found that a premarital counseling intervention, which addressed problem-solving skills, communication, and sexual functioning, was effective for improving marital satisfaction.

When differences are worked out prior to a marriage with the help of a professional marriage and family therapist, marriages are stronger and healthier.

According to data, there were 7.6 new divorces in the country for every 1,000 women. It is no secret that divorce has negative impacts on children and families, so it is critical to prevent a divorce, if possible.

Why Divine Power Counseling?

Divine Power Counseling distinguishes itself through its holistic approach to relationship wellness. Dr. Sushma Joshi and Dr. Shrikant Joshi bring their extensive experience and empathy to each session, creating a safe space for couples to explore their relationship dynamics openly. Their counseling is not just about addressing challenges but also about celebrating the strengths and uniqueness of each relationship.

Uniqueness of Divine Power: The Life Coach

The uniqueness of Divine Power lies in its personalized approach. Recognizing that no two relationships are the same, the program is tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each couple. Through Divine Power Holistic Therapy (DPHT), couples are introduced to result-oriented techniques that encompass not just the mind and body but also the spirit, fostering a deeper connection and understanding.


Premarital counseling online can occur via one-on-one counseling sessions with a therapist, or some couples may consult an online premarital counseling, in which they get guidance for a healthy marriage by working through sessions.

Divine Power Holistic Therapy (DPHT): Result Oriented

DPHT is a pioneering method that combines traditional counseling techniques with holistic practices. This blend ensures that couples are not only intellectually prepared for marriage but are also emotionally and spiritually aligned. The therapy focuses on building a resilient foundation that can withstand the inevitable challenges of life.

Awards and Recognition

The effectiveness and impact of Divine Power Counseling have not gone unnoticed. Dr. Sushma Joshi and Dr. Shrikant Joshi have been honored with the Iconic Book of Record and recognized by Prime Time Media Research, affirming their exceptional contribution to pre-marriage counseling and relationship wellness.


The journey to a fulfilling marriage begins with understanding, respect, and preparedness. Divine Power: The Life Coach, through its innovative approach to pre-marriage counseling, has illuminated the path for countless couples towards a harmonious and joyful union. By addressing the complexities of relationships with empathy, expertise, and holistic practices, Dr. Sushma Joshi and Dr. Shrikant Joshi are not just counselors but architects of lasting love and companionship. As they continue to guide couples through the labyrinth of relationships, their work stands as a testament to the transformative power of love, understanding, and conscious preparation.